special touches for your stay

Snow Goose Bed & Breakfast


Treat yourself or a loved one by selecting one of these Add-On options during booking or mention it when you telephone. 

In-Room Aromatherapy -- Create a spa-like atmosphere in your room with a

soothing diffusion of essential oils into the air.  Essential oils have been treasured

for thousands of years for their health, cosmetic, and emotionally uplifting properties.

 Choose from many scents for stress relief,  energizing, healing, emotional uplift, etc.



Serenity Sauna – Enjoy a relaxing session in our beautifully renovated Serenity room

featuring our Sunlighten Infrared Sauna.  Not only will your sore hiking/skiing muscles

love the soothing warmth, but your entire body will experience benefits including detoxification, weight loss, pain reduction, joint and muscle support, anti-again effects and cardiovascular health.  Because infrared rays gently warm your body from the inside out, benefits begin at the cellular level.  Your session also includes light and sound therapy.  ($35)

Massage – There are several wonderful massage studios/therapists in the area.  From hot stone treatments and deep tissue work to body scrubs and wraps, your body will thank you!  Let us help you schedule a relaxing massage during your stay.  (In room options are available)  
Show the Love - Are you celebrating an anniversary, birthday or a "Just Because" moment?   We can help make your stay memorable by creating a beautiful display with wine, cheeses, chocolates, fruit and even flowers.  Order our standard package or call to discuss personalized options. ($50)